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Our Goal

  • To offer you FREE auditions for Reality Shows, Game Shows, Docu-dramas and more…
  • We chargeNOTHING.  No Commission, No Sign up fee…NOTHING
  • There is no other site out there like us (check it out…we did)
  • We don’t post random audition notices. We are connected with the casting companies…..If you are right for a project, We directly book you for an Audition/ Meeting
  • Having experienced both sides of Reality Television and Acting, WE GET IT… WE ARE ON YOUR SIDE
  1. We work very hard to keep you busy and we understand that things come up, however if you flake on an audition more than once you lose membership- DON’T FLAKE
  2. When showing up for a meeting, ALWAYS come camera-ready and with a GOOD ATTITUDE, you are representing yourself and US.  Reality Casting is a small world, be on time and show personality and WE WILL GET YOU OUT CONSISTANTLY. 
  3. Be proud to be part of WEST CASTING and make us PROUD OF YOU


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