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About Us


Looking for everyday people…because EVERYBODY IS EXTRAORDINARY


Hello Friends,

  Thank you for showing interest in WEST CASTING.   I began my career just like you will.   I was discovered by a Recruiter at Arizona State University and began modeling for Abercrombie and Fitch, Levi’s, Mossimo, Aeropostal, L.A. Looks, etc.  Thanks to my Recruiter, I was fortunate enough to travel to places like Milan, Tokyo, and Panama.  At that time, I thought there must be more.  I moved to Los Angeles right after 9/11 with a couple hundred bucks and a beat-up 84' Honda.  Here, I was approached by yet another talent scout for a dating show on MTV called “Dismissed."  I jumped at the chance to do the show.  It only paid $100.00, but I knew every chance was another open door. 

  From there, I went on to do a Game show called “Dog Eat Dog” and won $25,000.00!  A Producer watching the show called me in to audition for the Soap Opera, "Guiding Light."  A few weeks later, I was offered a role on “Guiding Light” in NYC as a principle actor in over150 episodes.  After the show was cancelled, I moved back to Los Angeles to "pay if forward" as a Casting Producer/Recruiter.  I have cast over 50 reality television shows. I am always willing to give advice topeople starting out in the industry. I was raised to be honest, helpful and caring. 

   I am the ideal recruiter because I have first-hand experience at being the Talent as well as the Agent.  I understand the pitfalls of Hollywood; I havefallen prey to people trying to take advantage of me (sleazy photographers, agencies that make false promises only to take what little youhave).  I truly understand this industry and it is my vow to HELP YOU.  This ispart of the reason I created this company. I want to help you make your dreams a reality because everybody deserves it.